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TThe M.R. Institute of Nursing has one of the most advanced and professionally operated computer centers in the country, offering intense technology assistance to the whole M.R. campus with all its branches and educational directories. MRIN collaborates with technology partners to promote teaching, training, modernization, and innovation at the MR Institute of Nursing. Our computer center provides us a robust backup for all our digital records and ensures their security and privacy to the next level.

Key Responsibilities MRIN Computer Center includes:

  • Provide professional advisory to better manage the administrative and academic units. Help them evaluate their IT specifications, needs, potential, and service applications.
  • Strategic planning, modeling, supervision, and regulation of the entire IT foundation, resources, complete infrastructural assistance.
  • Operating with the academic heads, managerial leaders and deans, and suitable governance councils to define the complete IT flow, procedures, priorities, policies, and well-organized allocation of resources.
  • Administering the central IT infrastructure, comprises academic and supportive applications, conveniently available technology resources, managerial systems, and data control, customer support, computing infrastructure, smart classroom technology, data warehouses, IT security and managed privacy, networking, planned sourcing, IT process flow and telecommunications
  • Stewarding MRIN's IT interests at the local and global levels.


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