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Bachelor Of Science(B.SC) Nursing


B. Sc. Nursing is a 4-year professional graduate degree program with mandatory or optional subjects PCB. To pursue BSc in nursing the applicants must have passed their 12th with PCB. The admission will be granted on the basis of merit scored in the respective entrance exam. The nursing degree pursued from M.R. Institute of Nursing is globally accepted, the candidates can practice in any of the hospitals or nursing homes across the world.

At MRIT, we actively believe in offering the candidates a peculiar combination of scholastic skills, practical knowledge, and overall personal development – an order that is specifically created to accommodate the foundation for a strongly active, experienced, and expertly proven medical expertise.

Nursing, as a profession, is getting the utmost attention and appreciation among the candidates who wish to make their career in the medical field. The importance of proper healthcare is growing in both emerging and grown societies. B.Sc. Nursing uncovers a great opportunity for all those candidates planning to make a career in the medical sector. Job security, the pool of opportunities, and career satisfaction are endless. At M.R. Institute of Nursing, you can look ahead for professional training and academic experience where your overall medical knowledge is boosted to the next level which makes you feel confident for your field of profession. With us, you can expect an immersive practice and be prepared to address the challenges in nursing practice.


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