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Ragging has destroyed innumerable innocent lives and ruined their careers. In practice to strictly prohibit it we have appointed a special committee to stop ragging and punish those who found involved in such activities inside or outside the campus.

The committee is authorized to take the hardest and strict actions to maintain discipline. They are allowed to take instant action against such unfortunate happenings and also to instruct the new admissions to stay protected from such incidents and avail them of the necessary resources while they fall in such circumstances.

The candidates looking to get admission to the M.R. Institute of Nursing are obliged to fill up the undertaking form in this regard. To improve awareness and to acclimatize the new admissions to the social and academic atmosphere of the university, MRIN arranges a familiarization gathering in the 1st week of every new academic year.

All the candidates enrolled under the MRIN will have to comply and abide by the disciplinary guidelines and practices guided by the university. In any of the circumstances, if anyone is found involved in any of the ragging-associated activities, he/ she will be immediately restricted from the institution and suitable legal proceedings will be taken into the account.


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