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Admission process is one of important aspects in any field of education and the same applies in nursing as well.

The admission process is formulated as such that it will evaluate the student’s skill and capacity in upholding the caliber and proving to the institute that she is able to manage and prove her skills by answering the entrance tests conducted by the institute, thereby making her eligible to meet the requirements as required by the institute.

The basic requirement would be that the student willing to get admitted in our nursing college has had a bachelor’s degree in science.

The age required for the student’s entry to the college would be 17 years and apart from the fact of the above criteria, the minimum requirement would be a 10+2 for the enrollment with minimum marks of 40%.

Again, these criteria act as a base for admission and are strictly followed by the institute. The other criteria offered to the students based on the reservation are according to the regulation provided by the government.


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