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Principal Message

Dear students,

Nursing is one of the noblest professions mankind may have. Not only it will give you a career, but it will also give you the joy of helping people.

Your institution has all that it takes to make you a successful and compassionate nurse. From qualified and dedicated faculties to the laboratory, LED Slide projectors to the library, we have everything that you may need to become an accomplished nurse. I hope you are taking advantage of video recordings of classroom lectures so that nothing is left to chance.

It is also our endeavour to provide you all with a clean and green environment to keep your minds refreshed all the time. We also take great care to provide all the required facilities at the residential accommodations to the students. We want to ensure that our students never feel away from home.

The management also keeps an eye on the quality of food dished out by our cooks. Despite of all this, if you have any grievances about any matter please feel free to record them in the Suggestion/Complaint Book available in the office room. I assure you of prompt action on every complaint or suggestion.

Please focus on your education and leave the rest to us.


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