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We took up the ambition to establish MR Institute of Nursing to allow bachelor and master's level nursing degree programs like Post Basic BSc Nursing, General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) Nursing, BSc Nursing, MSc Nursing, etc. We train our scholars to understand the responsibility and offer adequate nursing care and training at all grades of medical care obligations. We are a team of qualified faculties and follow the academic curriculum as guided by the Indian Nursing Council.

With over a decade of medical teaching skills, our professors are acquainted with all the necessary theoretical as well as practical skills required to be delivered to the students. We have collaborated with India's most famous doctors, surgeons, and medical professionals who timely visit our campus as guest faculty to investigate the standards of teaching and guide the best possible augmentations in the standards of teaching.

The medical degree programs here at M.R. Institute of Nursing explore a unique practice model that guides scholars to focus on their own personality development, to explore the career opportunity to study and cooperate adequately with other medical practitioners of different institutional qualifications.


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